About Company

We are the first company in INDIA that gives support against technology obsolescence and industry competency, which derives from fifteen years of successful experience in IT education industry and immense confidence from that successful history. That is what we really want to share with our partners.

What we give and why we differ
Geo strategy
We are the only company which implements the geological segment wise strategy in India. Ie, the strategy that the company is going to apply in North will entirely different from south.
Duel Edu-Track
For the purpose tracking the source we grouped the courses in to two. One is IT Educative and other one is IT Arming.
IT Educative means the basic educative programming like short term courses which we cannot offer the full swing support of our Placement cells. But in case of IT arming programs like career programs we can assure the full swing placement support which gives us extra mileage in industry.For that the student has been trained in systematic and professional way to the purpose of grab the recruitment in international IT army.


Compulsary Corporate Training

By the end of each segment ie software, multimedia, hardware/ networking and professional accounting the company will give compulsory corporate training from district headquarters with the help of professionals from well known MNC s that will boost the confidence and sharpen the knowledge of the candidate and give clear picture on what the industry expect from him.


Compulsary Professional Management Training CPMT PART-2

In addition to the above mentioned training we provide the finishing weapon by giving brain storming sessions from experts of Corporate HR groups.The work shops on English communication, Interview techniques, personal management in real time consequences, project presentation, satisfy your Boss, and Be the Boss of a team are all some of our Finishing school modules which we deliver through real time environment while in time of PROFFESSIONAL PRACTICE

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